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Better growth. This is what Simon-Kucher is all about.

We help our clients grow their revenues and profits. Faster, better, and more sustainably than anyone else. We do this by optimizing their pricing, sales, and marketing strategies.
Simon-Kucher is a global consultancy with a clear focus on top-line growth. With more than 2000 employees in 27 countries worldwide, we deliver measurable revenue and profit growth for clients from all industries and regions. Our projects increase our clients’ profitability by 100 to 500 basis points on average.
We have 35 years of experience with monetization topics of all kinds – from pricing strategies, customer segmentation, user experience, offer design, and packaging, to negotiation techniques, and sales excellence. We are a growth consultancy and a specialist in all top-line and profit levers – with pricing still the core of our work. Or, as in the words of Professor Philip Kotler, “No one knows more about pricing than Simon-Kucher.
We pride ourselves on being hands-on and results-driven. We don’t apply one-size-fits-all approaches in our projects but tailor our solutions to our clients’ specific needs. Last but not least, we make sure our solutions get implemented properly. The ultimate measure of our success is our clients’ success.
With 18 percent annual growth on average, we are growing considerably faster than the rest of the consulting market. Unlike cost-cutting initiatives, our work in growing our clients’ revenue and profit has no natural limits. As long as consumers, technologies, and business environments keep changing, companies will need our help.
Our core values include integrity, respect, team spirit, and entrepreneurship. The latter is especially important. All of our more than 140 Partners are not only owners of the company, they are also entrepreneurs in the truest sense of the word. They are responsible for the economic success and future development of our business.

Why you should choose a career with us:

Simon-Kucher is looking for bright, critical thinkers with outstanding educations, international experience, great analytical and communication skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

If you are a team player who enjoys taking responsibility, a leader who has empathy and can adapt to different project requirements, and share our common values, then we would like to talk to you.

Read more about our common values here

Your Career with us

Hiring you is just the beginning. You will want to see a path for advancement, and we want you to develop from a bright new hire into an experienced consultant, and potentially a Partner.

Graduates start at one of four consultant levels, depending on their degree and experience. Once you master all kinds of project work and move towards project management, you will become a Senior Consultant, then Manager, and later Director. With every step upwards, your work will shift: from pure project work, to project management, toward client relationship building, business development and various internal tasks. We can guarantee that you will keep learning all the time and that you will not be bored.


Your ideas, opinions, challenges and questions are important to all of us: Project team members, your office colleagues, project managers and Partners.

We assign each employee a mentor, who serves as the first point of contact for anything to discuss, project related or not. Your mentor will be a more experienced consultant who helps you navigate your new position from the first day. He or she is not part of your working team, which allows them to provide you with a neutral perspective.