Business Developer hos Anyfin AB

The consumer credit space stinks. It’s great that we as consumers have the ability to plan our finances and get access to goods and services earlier than we otherwise would, but why should it cost 20-30% in financing? Why double the price of the TV or my groceries just because I choose to part pay over 6 months or use my credit card over Christmas? At Anyfin we asked ourselves the same thing, and decided to do something about it. We do not originate new loans, but instead apply technology to make it as easy for consumers to get better rates on existing loans, part payments or credit cards, as easy as taking a selfie. And instead of trying to hide a lot of shenanigans in the fine print - as most companies seem to do in the industry - why not treat customers the way they should and be transparent and meet them where they are.

As a business developer you will be

  • Building and scaling a Fintech company from the ground up
  • A key team member in our expansion
  • Optimising product/market fit considering customer experience, regulatory landscape and partner ecosystem
  • Evaluating and negotiating deals with partners and suppliers
  • Make recommendations on overall changes to strategy
  • Work with internationalization and conduct market research

You have

  • An exceptionally driven personality
  • An urge to deliver outstanding customer experiences
  • An analytical capability way out on the right side of the bell curve
  • Plenty of sisu and a get things done attitude not matter what task
  • Excellent language skills and hawk-eyes for proof reading
  • Might have ambitions to be an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur one day

The formal part

  • You have a MSc or BSc in a technical/law field or a Business degree from a top tier university
  • You have a few years experience from working with financial products
  • Have an open mind and like people for what they are (yes, this belong in the formal requirements section)

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