Collections - Credit Bureau and Data Analysis hos Daimler


To manage/report timely and accurate credit information, the result of data analysed for portfolio this position is responsible for handling all credit information under the supervision of collection manager.
1. Management of credit information.
  • Report /manage new / changed credit information based on the contracts to the credit information agency. (Credit bureau company such as NICE, KCB, and Kcredit which is established by Act.)
  • Daily and monthly data quality management and adjustment of error cases
  • Analyzing error and issued cases for process and system related requested from Kcredit as an accrued penalties.
  • Try solving issues and persuade to organization officer not to pay any penalty.
  • Knowing well for “Credit information use and Protection Act” and Rules from “Korea Credit Information Services”
  • Prepare for official public external audit related Credit information
  • Communicate with system maintainer and IT in order to properly reflection of new / revision rules.
  • Generate/provide the credit information result of searching information to be required by collectors for overdue cases.

2. Reporting for Collections and Remarketing
  • Manage / generate daily collections dash board report for managing collections performance.
  • Manage / generate monthly performance collections reports (OPI, Collection Monthly Report, Special deal Report).
  • Manage / generate the loss of provision report related with MBFSK Asset Quality quarterly basis.
  • Generate and report for the information of demise (borrower or guarantor) contracts in order to provide data to CREFIA (Credit Finance Association).
  • Manage / generate the report to be required by FSS
  • Assess / check the asset quality(contracts) based on internal guideline and policies in order to degrees of difficulty

3. Project management
  • Prepare a project procedures for collections and remarketing
  • Support/manage project documentation need to be prepared
  • Communicate with project team in order to well release the team’s requirements
  • Monitor /manage project procedures based on general work flow, data flow
  • Follow up / monitor the project result and status of routine process after completion of new project
  • Communicate between internal users and external service providers to well communication

4. Others
  • Classification and management the asset quality based on IFRS9.
  • Manage and Issue the company’ seal and registration in order to utilize court, police, and customer related.
  • Prevention of suspense accounts, manage and follow up the 3rd parties’ payment cases with bank, court and so on.
  • Manage collections all expenses related collections dunning actions


Minimum 3years business experience with at least 2 years’ experience at financial company
Past experience should include at least one of the following arears
  • Data analyzing
  • Strategic planning
  • Credit information managing / reporting
  • Litigation managing / handling
  • Project management
  • System development

Specific knowledge
English proficiency in business context level
SAS, SQL, MS office certification preferred
Relevant data protection, collections laws and regulations knowledge
Problem solving and communication skill
Good knowledge and understanding of instalment and leasing product
Ability to prioritize tasks & manage time effectively
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To location: Seoul, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Korea, Seoul Square

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