The mission of the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) is to achieve the highest level of scientific and technological excellence in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Its research lines focus on the newly-discovered physical and chemical properties that arise from the behavior of matter at the nanoscale. ICN2 has been awarded with the Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence distinction for tree consecutive periods (2014-2018, 2018-2022 and 2023-2026). ICN2 comprises 20 Research Groups, 7 Technical Development and Support Units and Facilities, and 2 Research Platforms, covering different areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Research topics:


  • Doctoral Student in Advanced materials for quantum technologies (Ref.PhD1)
  • Doctoral Student in Translating nanotechnologies in Medicine (Ref.PhD2)
  • Doctoral Student in Nanosolutions for energy efficient information processing and communication (Ref.PhD3)
  • Doctoral Student in Advanced technologies for energy harvesting, conversion, storage and thermal management (Ref.PhD4)
  • Doctoral Student in Nanocharacterization of materials through advanced in-situ/operando techniques (Ref.PhD5)
  • Doctoral Student in Modelling and Simulation of nanomaterials harnessing AI and ML methods (Ref.PhD6)
  • Doctoral Student in Nanomaterials design, engineering and discovery supported by AI (Ref.PhD7)
  • Doctoral Student in Developing innovative methods for nanofabrication of advanced nanomaterials (Ref.PhD8)
  • Doctoral Student in Nanosolutions in Oncology (Ref.PhD9)
  • Doctoral Student in Nanoelectrocatalysis and sustainable chemistry (Ref.PhD10)



Description of Group/Project:

During the application process, candidates will be asked to select the ICN2 research group(s) they would like to join. Please visit the profiles of our groups at



Candidates must fulfil the following requirements:


  • Have obtained a Master or equivalent degree in a field of science related to ICN2 research activities or group they would like to join by the date of incorporation.
  • Have an excellent academic record and strong commitment to scientific research. Previous research experience is highly regarded.
  • High level of English.
  • Specific additional eligibility requirements may apply depending on the funding schemes available.

For any further clarification as to these requirements, applicants should contact prior to submitting an application.


Research career profile (based on the European Framework for Research Careers):

First Stage Researcher (R1)


Summary of conditions:


  • Full-time working contract as a PhD researcher. Contracts include medical care under the Spanish public healthcare system and workplace accident insurance.
  • Relocation support.
  • ICN2 social benefits: life insurance, flexible timetable, flexible compensation package.
  • Training and monitoring programme: Students admitted to the ICN2 PhD Programme will have full access to the scientific, technical, and transferable skills training and relevant monitoring activities organised each year.


Observera: De examensarbete och projekt som du hittar i Graduateland är inte på förväg godkända av ditt universitet. Du måste själv se till att de eventuella samarbeten som du ingår med organisationer för examensarbete och projekt blir godkända av din handledare eller kursansvarig.