Thesis work in AI & machine learning hos Semantix

Thesis work in AI & machine learning

Semantix is a Swedish language technology company with offices in the Nordic countries and Croatia. Semantix has about 400 employees and thousands of language consultants in our professional network.

Our tech and IT developers are constantly working to innovate the most efficient translation and interpreting tools available to our customers.

To further these efforts, we are now looking to find a student to do a thesis work in the area of machine learning at our office in Uppsala.

Idea for thesis:

  • Evaluating machine learning tools used for interpretation and translation
  • Investigate tools and techniques used for automated language services
  • Investigate how a user friendly delivery can be done as part of a mobile app
  • Prototype selected part

Practical results in form of a prototype app and a written report weighing different options are desired outcomes.

The student would likely be studying computer science, IT or engineering programs and should have an interest in both advanced mobile app development and an interest in language technology such as machine translation.

As a thesis worker at Semantix you would be part of an IT team of about 20 people and more specifically a team of 7 competent Application Developers. Of course one of them would be your mentor, guiding you through the project.

Semantix can offer great support in the language area and the knowledge in tools. Knowledge from courses in machine learning as well as support from the university would be beneficial in the theoretical parts.

Please contact Henrik Nässén, Application Development Manager at Semantix via the "Appy now" button with your application.

Observera: De examensarbete och projekt som du hittar i Graduateland är inte på förväg godkända av ditt universitet. Du måste själv se till att de eventuella samarbeten som du ingår med organisationer för examensarbete och projekt blir godkända av din handledare eller kursansvarig.