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Thesis Work - Compare algorithms for optimized operation points of an electrical machine hos Volvo Cars

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Thesis Worker at Volvo Cars

Welcome to explore the world of Volvo Cars by writing your thesis with us! As a thesis worker in our organization you are supported by a supervisor who follows you during your project. All thesis projects are arranged in business critical areas and therefore you will be able to contribute to our company purpose – providing freedom to move in a safe, sustainable and personal way – from day one! 



For Volvo cars, the future is electric meaning that all future drivelines contain at least one electrical machine. Since the cars are using batteries, the amount of energy in the car is limited and it is therefore important to also include energy efficiency in the optimization of the machine’s operation points. A common way to optimize the operating points for a machine is to use a numerical method to find what is called the maximum torque per ampere (MTPA) where the requested torque is achieved using the minimum amount of currents while still considering several constraints. Although this method is accurate, the computational time required as well as the resulting output data quickly grows as the operating window increases to include more constraints.  


The main objective is to compare the more traditional numerical method with machine learning algorithm to see which method finds the most efficient operating points for a permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM), if any of these approaches uses the least amount of computational resources or if one method is superior at handling larger sets of data and/or operating points as well as additional constraints. If allocated timeframe allows, it is also of interest to see if different data can improve any of the methods, both in terms of better operating points or computational efficiency.


Your contribution is our future
We expect that the applying students have experience/studied electrical power engineering or engineering physics or similar. The student(s) is also expected to be present on site at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg during most of the thesis work, and any living arrangements needs be to be organized by the student(s).


  •     The work will start in January 2023, exact date is to be discussed
  •     The duration for this thesis work is 20 weeks.
  •     30 ECTS (academic credits) if in agreement with your Thesis Advisor in University
  •     This thesis is to be conducted by 1 or 2 students working in pair. 


Be part of the change - apply today!

Selection will be ongoing during the application period, so do not hesitate to send in your application. Attach your CV and personal letter stating your interests within the given area and your thoughts and credentials.

Apply as soon as possible but no later than 31th October.

Please note that applications via email will not be accepted.

If you have any additional questions regarding the thesis work, you are welcome to contact:

Manager, Niklaus Meinen at [email protected]

Supervisor, Joachim Härsjö at [email protected]

Supervisor, Raik Orbay at [email protected]


We are Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars is a company on a mission to bring traditional car manufacturing into a connected, sustainable and smart future. Since 1927, we've known for our commitment to safety and for creating innovative cars that make life less complicated. In 2010, we decided to radically redefine our business, resulting in a totally new generation of cars and technology, as well as steady growth and record sales - and we're only getting started. By 2025, we aim to have yearly sales of 1.2 million cars, 50% which will be electrical vehicles and sold directly to customers through digital channels. We also intend to strengthen our position as a modern, progressive employer committed to diversity and gender and racial equality. We believe in the power of people. Join us and be part of Volvo Cars' transformation.

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