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Thesis Work - Numerical Simulation of A-Pillar Overflow hos Volvo Cars

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Thesis Worker at Volvo Cars

Welcome to explore the world of Volvo Cars by writing your thesis with us! As a thesis worker in our organization you are supported by a supervisor who follows you during your project. All thesis projects are arranged in business critical areas and therefore you will be able to contribute to our company purpose – providing freedom to move in a safe, sustainable and personal way – from day one! 



The Contamination team at Volvo cars´ Sustainability Centre works with complete vehicle testing in the aspect of contamination. Contamination of a car could be in the form of snow, rain, mud or dust and we perform both numerical analysis as well as physical testing in the wind tunnel and at our test tracks to avoid contamination problems on future cars.

A-pillar overflow is the event when fluid is transported from the windshield across the A-pillar, ending up on the driver side window, obscuring the driver’s vision. Simulations of A-pillar overflow can make initial predictions of how the driver’s vision will be affected during windscreen washing or rain, and reduce developmental costs by making earlier design changes. There are many challenges of modelling overflow where the most prominent factors are air-liquid interaction, movement of the wipers, and surface wetting of different materials with the liquid.


The aim of the thesis is to develop methodologies to model the A-pillar overflow as a result of a windshield cleaning event or driving in rain. The main focus will be investigating an efficient way to model the wiper movements with reduced computational complexity, and a suitable multiphase approach to model properly the liquid behavior on different solid materials. The expected result is a numerical procedure capable of predicting the overflow of different A-pillar designs.
The thesis will include both experimental as well as numerical work. It will be conducted at the Contamination at Volvo Cars. The student(s) will work side by side with engineers in the attribute.


You contribution is our future
We see that you have a background in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering and are at the end of finalizing your master degree. You have a structured approach and an interest in virtual development. Knowledge in Computational Fluid Dynamics and multiphase flows is meritorious and your English is fluent. 



  •     The work will start in Spring 2023 but the start date could be discussed. 
  •     The duration for this thesis work is 20 weeks
  •     30 ECTS (Master academic credits) if in agreement with your Thesis Advisor in University.
  •     This thesis is suitable for 2 Students working in pair but if you want to work on your own that could be discussed as well.


Be part of the change – apply today!
Selection will be ongoing during the application period, so do not hesitate to send in your application. Attach your Cv and personal letter stating your interests within the given area and your thoughts and credentials.

Apply as soon as possible but no later than 31th of October


Please note that due to GDPR applications via email will not be accepted.


For questions about the thesis work please contact Carl Norberg, Team manager Contamination and Thermal Efficiency, [email protected] or supervisor Naixian Lu at [email protected].


We are Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars is a company on a mission to bring traditional car manufacturing into a connected, sustainable and smart future. Since 1927, we've known for our commitment to safety and for creating innovative cars that make life less complicated. In 2010, we decided to radically redefine our business, resulting in a totally new generation of cars and technology, as well as steady growth and record sales - and we're only getting started. By 2025, we aim to have yearly sales of 1.2 million cars, 50% which will be electrical vehicles and sold directly to customers through digital channels. We also intend to strengthen our position as a modern, progressive employer committed to diversity and gender and racial equality. We believe in the power of people. Join us and be part of Volvo Cars' transformation.

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