Key Features of Graduateland Gateway

Improve the overview, increase engagement, and ultimately improve your students' and alumni's career opportunities.

International Job Search

Landing the first job is often the hardest. Graduateland Gateway provides a much needed overview of local and international career opportunities, with a strict focus on only providing content that is relevant for students and recent graduates. This improves the chances for young academics to get a foot into the job market, gain valuable work experience and enter relevant networks.

Administration and Statistics

All activity on a Graduateland Gateway is measured, along with statistics on all registered users. This enables your university to gain valuable insights into the career related patterns of your students. Log into the administration system and learn which of your students are most actively looking for jobs, which industries are the most attractive, which students want to work abroad etc.

Global Network

Linking key universities together in an international network leverages many of the advantages of Graduateland Gateway. When jobs are added to any of the career portals they are automatically distributed across all similar portals in the network, thus increasing the job count on each portal. Further, as employers are recruiting via other portals they will be offered exposure on your university portal when relevant.

Additional features


Online Profile

Let students create online profiles and allow them to expose themselves towards attractive employers. Profiles can easily be converted into CV's and exported as PDF.

Universities and companies

Event System

Manage your events via the integrated module. Communicate via targeted emails and SMS. Students sign up via their profile – managing events has never been easier.

Easy sign up process

Social Integration

Leverage already existing profiles and valuable data by enabling your students and alumni to connect with LinkedIn and Facebook. This also eases both signing up and logging in.

Happy partners!