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Invite your partner companies to connect with students at your university - easy and efficient. We make sure the experience online is as great as on your physical fairs.

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Connect your partner companies with students wherever they might be. Students can join even though they are on exchange or in between library sessions and courses. And companies are now able to recruit your talents more cost and time efficient!

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Virtual, Transparent, Intuitive

Simple and intuitive user experience without unnecessary 3D Animations. Topped with our signature design we enable students to easily connect with recruiters. Nothing more - nothing less. This two-way communication tool also allows for employers to reach out to visitors.

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Joined Effort - Flexible Price

As this event is hosted by us but is organised by your event team, we think it is just fair that we both benefit. We suggest that depending on the scope of the fair we get a fixed price agreed in advance of the event. If you decide to charge your partners a higher price, these profits will directly flow to your university.

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Feel free to reach out to our VCF-Gurus, Ana, Mike, Mattias and Lukas and ask them about your next virtual event!

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